An experiment in Neo-geography.

May 14, 2009

Places and objects in Wellington, Somerset tell their stories, via the young people of the town.

The stories are linked to a map and can be downloaded in Google Earth

QR codes tag the physical locations so that members of the public can use their phone to read the story.

Start by exploring the map and reading the stories. Comments are welcome (but moderated) If you live in Wellington grab a QR code reader for your phone. If you have an iPhone, Optiscan is highly recommended.

Read more about the project

More information for teachers

Download the stories in Google Earth

The students have been busy creating short stories and poems, sometimes using their own photographs and video. Expect a range of funny, critical and thought-provoking stories as the young people of Wellington explore their relationship with place.

know your place
there are notes in boxes that are empty
every room has an accessible history
every place has emotional attachments you can open and save
you can search for sadness in new york
paths compete to offer themselves to you
life flows into inanimate objects
the trees hum advertising jingles
everything in the world, animate and inanimate, abstract and concrete,
has thoughts attached

The Headmap Manifesto 1999

One Response to “An experiment in Neo-geography.”

  1. Ryan from NZ Says:

    A great way to learn about a place and the ideas of the people who live in the area. Good on the person who started this as well ;-]

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