I went to the May Day festival with my friends Lorry and Jas. It was very fun because We came across a Christian guy and he was explaining to us about how you should believe in God because he is a nice person and will forgive your ‘sins’ if you make friends with him and how he has met God and I was standing there listening to him explaining all that while trying to keep a straight face, it was really hard work. Unfortunately my face has never gone back to normal. Eventually we left him and we went to Somerfield where we bought lots of chocolate. Then we went back to Wellington Park where the festival was and I bought my mum a pink, French swan ornament and a white flowered plant.


3 Responses to “AP’s story: The May Day Festival”

  1. Jack Kelvey Says:

    yay christians woop woop

  2. Noel Jenkins Says:

    Thanks for adding this short story Aimee. The park has been one of the most popular places to write about in this project. Wellington is fortunate to have such a great place to hang out in Imagine the town without it!

  3. Mr Stark Says:

    An interesting experience. Sounds like the May Day Festival was a great success.

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