On the 14th May 2004 Charlotte* and Charlotte* age 7 went out on their first trip to Wellington alone, their parents had told them to be careful and stick together, this is what happened. Charlotte1 was excited but Charlotte2 was nervous she didn’t know what could happen and thought they were going to be mugged! So the Charlotte’s were dropped off in Somerfield car park and were walking down the alley towards C9, to get some sour sweets, when a man started walking down the stairs towards them… Charlotte2 started to run Charlotte1 followed. They were scared of the mugger!
After this extremely scary start they went and got some sweets and sat on the mystical bench out side Somerfield but who was to sit down next to them but the mugger! They ran away again and were now freaked out and decided they should go home to be safe from the mugger.

The video tells the story, then forward winds to the present day!


2 Responses to “CS’s story & video: The mugger”

  1. Noel Jenkins Says:

    This is a great little story about your first adventure in Wellington. The video is really creative (Elliot is very sinister!) and I like the way you use the film to bring the story up to the present day. My favourite line is towards the end where you sum up Wellington as…

    “Not amazing but not bad!”

    Well done Charlotte!

  2. joe jenks Says:

    im dissy now

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