I have chosen to do bike jumping for my Q.R code work because I love biking and I want more people of all ages to become interested in it.

It is becoming harder and harder to find places to jump. But I want to get more jumps in Wellington (mud, street or racing) so I have made a video of me and my mate jumping at the Wellington Mud’s and Blues. I know they’re not very good because people come and dig them up, but you can still do some good jumping.

Here are the videos I made:

Mud jumping
Mud jumping can be hard work trying new jumps and old. You can give it a go don’t worry you only fall off a couple times but keep trying you will get there one day. When you jump you don’t just ride and jump you got to ride pull up your front wheel and push down and then you would have completed your first jump (hopefully). After that if you keep practicing you can put tricks into you jumps.

When you ride in a park or street riding you can jump some but most are really hard but give it a go to jump in a park/street you do the same as mud jumping, you pull up and push down. You can put tricks into you jumps. But just keep trying and trying.

Bmx racing
Ok now bmx racing is a bit different because there are 8 people racing at the same time there are jumps on the track when you race you don’t all ways jump you manual them a manual is when you lift up the front wheel and keep it there until you get to the end of the jump then you put the wheel back down. On the first jump in a race every one jumps at the same time and lots of people crash and it hurts I know so if I was you stay back and manual it or get to the front of the pack and jump it and hope you don’t fall of.

Thank you for reading my work I hope you like it and have a go.


5 Responses to “EB’s story & videos: Bike jumping”

  1. Tom Biebrach Says:

    Really interesting article EB. Should there be a dedicated area for bike jumping? If so, where should it go? What might other people think about it? How could you encourage people to support it?

  2. Claire Greaves Says:

    I found your story about biking very interesting. You obviously enjoy doing this and I hope you discover many places to do it! An excellent story – well done 🙂

  3. joe jenks Says:

    i like it are you going to do a vido

  4. Noel Jenkins Says:

    I’m so pleased with this work Elliot. You’ve explained your sport very well and made a good case for more jumps. Great videos as well! Where would you like to build some better jumps?

  5. joe jenks Says:

    go on back flip

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