I hate Wellington. The traffic lights at next to the garage are so annoying. Every time I drive past them they always seem to stop. Why do they always stop right then? No other traffic lights stop then without failure as I pass there. It is twitchingly annoying.

Anyway moving swiftly on, the youth centre. This place may be quite a good laugh and a nice place to hang out. But it is treated as a place like Mecca but in reality it isn’t really all that. It has a pool table but that is it.

Another thing is that Woolworths and that ‘ghost supermarket’. I mean these are two vacant shops in a high street full of young fashionable people and no one is able to buy it and it is wasting valuable space.

Last but certainly no least there is the appealing angle of the football pitch. 20 degrees wrong. It used as a secret weapon by all Wellington teams but it doesn’t work seeing as it takes more energy to uphill rather than down.

In conclusion I will just repeat my first line sentence. I hate Wellington.


2 Responses to “CD’s story: I hate Wellington”

  1. Noel Jenkins Says:

    Well done Casper. Maybe the fact the fact that you don’t live in Wellington has clouded your opinions? However the ghost supermarket is ridiculous. I’m glad that Georgia’s video has set the record straight about the Youth Centre.
    Even though you don’t like Wellington very much, the fact is that it has influenced you more than you probably realize!

  2. Sam Austin Says:

    I am impresssed that you have got your thoughts out there – could provoke some lively debate! Revisit your opinion in a year, 5 years, 10 years – you or Welly may have changed. ( Happy confession – I like Wellington)

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