Once upon a time, on a rainy day in Wellington, a class of year 8 students were sitting in a rather boring lesson when suddenly, the bell rang. The students pegged it out of the classroom and ran straight to their wonderful Humanities lesson. They sat in their seats and awaited their teacher, Mr Jenkins. But he never came. Instead, they had the supply teacher from hell, Darth Vader…

Ok, so that never happened, but we did go to our lesson and learn something wonderful. (Not really!) We were all (even Asbo Child) going to do a piece work about our town, and place it on the internet. Then, we would make a QR code and stick it in a place that corresponds with the piece of work that we did. Eventually, we may be worldwide phenomenons!!!  Or we may just be normal people, known by only friends and family.


3 Responses to “JK’s story: a Humanities lesson”

  1. meg Says:

    Amazing what you learn on a rainy day isn’t it ? I had never heard of QR codes until I “heard” Mr Jenkins “talking” about them online a few weeks ago. I think you are already a UK phenomenon the rest of the world may be reading soon too- well done everyone. I have never been to Wellington so it is interesting to read about it.

  2. Noel Jenkins Says:

    And we’re still waiting for Asbo Child’s work! (and your photojounalism piece as well 😉 )
    Thanks Jack. This QR code will go on my door.

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