Woolworths was a shop on Fore Street, it sold many things from space hoppers to baby shoes you could only just fit onto your little finger.
The pick your own sweets were always overly priced but they never failed to taste nice.
You could buy small cans of coco-cola and massive bars of Cadburys chocolate.
Sadly they had to close down due to angry people who wanted all their money, Woolworths in Wellington had shut D:
We will miss Woolworths, or maybe sell their pencils for a price that you cannot imagine in a few years.


5 Responses to “JV’s story: My story of Woolworths”

  1. GeoDave Says:

    A great summary of the disappearing ‘Woolies'(should that be one ‘l’ or two ‘l’s’?) story. Like the idea of selling off souvenirs of the store! What will replace all these big empty shops on our high streets? What shop would you miss most if it disappeared??

  2. joe jenks Says:

    I wont sum of those shoes

  3. Jack Kelvey Says:

    My bruv cant get any wrestler dolls now ;D

  4. joe jenks Says:

    hahaha funny jack

  5. Noel Jenkins Says:

    Well done – thought this was a great piece about the disappearance of a High Street shop that was very important to the people of Wellington.

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