Woollies was a nice shop, you could go in and buy anything from pants to strangely expensive penny sweets. The Thing was, Woollies had been very naughty and had gone bankrupt because the ran out of money ,  and they had to sell their business, so now you cant buy pants OR expensive penny sweets and you have to go over to Cloud Nine where the gobstoppers are the size of your fist, or you could go to Jims where, frankly , they are much cheaper and have a much wider choice of stuff, but that’s not really very fair on Cloud Nine, (but then, who cares?)


4 Responses to “LS’s story: The Story of Woollies”

  1. What a fantastic story. It brought back memories of cheap penny sweets from the shop at the corner of my road. Back in the good old days, you got 2 cola bottles for a penny. I’ll miss Woollies too – esepcially the 2 for 1 Haribo sour mix offers!

  2. PS. Good luck with your QR project – it sounds amazing.

  3. joe jenks Says:

    i love wollys. the pick and mix was grat a lot better then asda one

  4. wellingtonstories Says:

    Loved this short story – a great reminder of how Woolworths was much-loved (without being the best shop in the world) Well done Lorry.

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