I once went into town to go shopping with my best friend Rachel, and we decided to go into Wellington Park after we had finished. As you know, there is a big tree that everyone likes to go and sign their name on the tree trunk. Once we had got there, Rachel climbed the tree quite high, and came back down, and then I climbed. No-one was walking by, but I fell out of the tree and landed flat on my back, and someone walked by. We both started laughing.
That person came up to the both of us and said,
‘’You shouldn’t be climbing that tree! How would you like it if the tree came and climbed on you?’’
Rachel said, ‘’Well, it can’t! It’s a tree!’’
The whole thing was really funny. (HAHA)


One Response to “LL’s story: Up a tree”

  1. wellingtonstories Says:

    Falling out of trees seems to be a common occurrence for the young people of Wellington. It would be great to get a photo of the tree – why is this one that everyone signs their name on?

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