‘The secrets of the squared bench’, is going to be about the bench outside Somerfield which is in a squared shape. In fact, it’s exactly where you found this QR code. Some people, when they pass this bench, think that it’s just a bench, but almost everyone in Wellington has their own special story to tell about the bench. So, I have asked around and found out some stories which people have told me and some of my own, and after reading this you should know the gossip of the bench and realize that this is not just a plain, normal bench, it actually means something to some people.

The Car Crash

There were once two girls, who decided to go into Wellington after school. They had just been into cloud nine, and bought themselves some sweets and chocolate and decided to eat it on the legendary squared bench…

They were sitting on the side of the bench which is just about opposite Shaul’s and they were eating their chocolate and sweets while laughing and joking around. But suddenly, a wise OAP on the other side of the bench spoke in a shocked voice, “did you see that!?” The two teenagers turned around suddenly and noticed the seriousness spread across his face so they stopped smiling and shared the same look, confused! They replied to his question, “Nope, what happened?” He gave the girls a dirty look and said, “Those cars, they just crashed into each other!” The two girls, once again, looked at each other, gave each other a cheesy grin but they couldn’t help but crack up laughing. So they stood up, started walking away, laughing so much they didn’t even bother to turn around to see the wise man’s face but they were pretty sure that if they did it would have been a dirty, confused look, and also surprised that the two girls missed a car crash! That’s why they were laughing, because they couldn’t believe that they are that unnoticeable that they had missed a big car crash!

Ice-creamy nose!

A seven year old girl was dressed up poshly, in her new, pretty, expensive dress ready to go to a fancy party with her family, and her mum had to buy some French stick to bring. So, her mum went into Somerfield and told the seven year old girl to sit on the squared bench. She was eating an ice-cream, when all of a sudden, a lady with a black Labrador came and sat on the other side of the bench. The girl thought that it was adorable, and started to stroke it with her hands, which had ice-cream on them. This dog was a bit of a piggy, so started licking her hands. The girl got a little bit scared, she was only little, and then the dog snapped at her ice-cream and got it all over her really expensive dress! The girl was screaming loads and jumping about while the dog was eating the ice-cream then she looked at the dog, giving it the evils, and when the dog finally noticed and stuck its head up from the ice-cream it licked her right on the nose! That’s how she ended up having an ice-creamy nose!


One Response to “RL’s story: Secrets of the Squared Bench”

  1. wellingtonstories Says:

    Great work Rachel. Please do keep adding to the stories. The squared bench seems to be one of Wellington’s most important features (at least to the young people)

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