As I walk to Toms house on Tuesday for tea
I hear something in the tree
As I look up to see what is there
The noise stops so I walk on without a care
Then out of the corner of the Nerd’s left eye
He sees an animal eating some pie
With a long bushy tail and small grey feet
What is that? Tom gasps in the heat
It’s a squirrel the Nerd points out
We don’t want to scare it so try not to shout
It jumped and hopped in the tree
The Nerd said lets call him Jeeves
Jeeves came down to say hello
Come on guys Tom said its time to go
As Jeeves was scratching some bark
We decided to leave him in the park
So if you see Jeeves around Welly
Give him some food to fill up his belly


3 Responses to “HE’s poem: The Squirrel”

  1. Noel Jenkins Says:

    Comedy genius – well done Henry!

  2. Sam Austin Says:

    Move over John Hegley

  3. joe jenks Says:

    brillant just brillant i love it

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