Once when I was small my cousins came to stay.
We went to the park and my step dad climbed a tree with my eldest cousin, Jemma, and proceeded to jump and swing to the floor on a branch, Jemma followed. After a few turns each my younger cousin,
Andy, followed them up the tree and tried he landed on his hand and got hurt but not badly. While everyone was helping Andy up I started climbing the tree I got to the bit where you swing from, reached out to grab the branch and fell out of the tree flat on my face and got up like I was fine. Minutes later I burst into tears and no one knew why.


4 Responses to “TS’s story: In the Park”

  1. Nerd Says:

    ha ha try a lader next time mate!
    v. entertaining

  2. joe jenks Says:

    rrrrrrr…did it hart

  3. joe jenks Says:

    wich tree was it

  4. wellingtonstories Says:

    I wonder if it was the same tree as Lauren fell out of. Either way it will still have memories for you when you are much older. Well done Tom.

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