There’s this little shop in Wellington that is really special to me,
When I think about it I remember its special memory,
I will now tell you a story of a shop called C9,
With memories that are special and are only mine,
When I was little my dad would say to me “why don’t you come to Wellington and spend your pocket money?”
So I would take my purse a pound or two was mine,
I would always hold my dads hand tight until we arrived at C9,
We would always start with other shops like Woolworths, Smiths or 3 cooks,
But I would never want to spend my money on cakes, sweets or books,
When we got to C9 I would rush to the counter,
To see the new “claymates” they had to offer,
I would choose my two favourite ones because they were only 80p,
I would the give lady all my money then she would package them up for me,
What on earth are “claymates” I hear some of you say,
They are little clay based animals that will be worth something someday,
I was really proud of them as we walked back to the car,
I couldn’t wait to get them home which isn’t very far,
I would put them with the others my collection was quite a lot,
I keep them in a special box to remind me of when I was a tot,
I know they don’t make them anymore,
But I’m not worried, I still have mine
Along with my memories of Wellington’s shop C9!

By Georgina

3 Responses to “GC’s poem: Upon Cloud 9”

  1. joe jenks Says:


  2. katie Says:

    brill nina its so powering xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    so proud of u don’t belive u done so much words love u so much in a friend way

  3. Noel Jenkins Says:

    I agree with Katie – this is just fantastic. If I were the owner of C9 I’d ask you for permission to print it out and display in the shop. Genius:)

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